Sublimation crafting just got WAY easier!

With The Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle, you'll get step-by-step instructions broken down for the everyday crafter! No confusing terms or technical knowledge needed! Just everything you need to get crafting!

Everything included in the bundle
Price: $25
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Sublimation Crafting Five Star Review

Hey crafty friend:
does this sound like you?

  • You want to try sublimation crafting, but you aren't sure if you really need one of those expensive sublimation printers. (Hint: you don't if you don't want one!)
  • You are overwhelmed by all of the sublimation technical jargon that is geared toward professionals.
  • Just the shopping list to get started alone is intimidating!
  • You're tired of wasting time watching rambling Youtube videos or trying to find information in crowded Facebook groups.
  • Or, maybe you've tried a few sublimation projects and it's been one fail after another.
  • In other words, sublimation printing can be difficult and you just want someone to walk you through it.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm with
the Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle!

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Sublimation Crafting digital book teaches you everything you need to know to begin a sublimation hobby or add sublimation to your crafting business without frustration!
  • Content written specifically for crafters, which means you won't have to dig through tons of technical lingo and tutorials that just don't make sense for you!
  • Easily keep track of time, temperature, pressure settings and more with printable cheat sheets.
  • Turn your sublimation hobby into a business with my bonus guide How to Make Money with Sublimation!
  • Enjoy 12 commercial-use sublimation files as a bonus when you purchase!
  • The Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle is the easiest way to learn how to begin sublimation crafting!
Everything included in the bundle
Sublimation Bundle Testimonials

Just imagine if you...

Four sublimation projects
  • Felt like you could really do this. Instead of being overwhelmed, you are confident in your crafting.
  • Actually got excited about making sublimation crafts and knew you could create just about anything you can dream up.
  • Spent your time making projects you love instead of envying what other people are making in online groups.
  • Knew how to troubleshoot problems, and, even better, knew how to prevent issues in the first place.
  • Could turn that sublimation hobby you've come to love into a profitable side business that is set up for success from the start.

All of this is possible, and more!

Everything included in the bundle
Price: $25

What's in the Ultimate Sublimation Bundle?
Let's take a closer look

The Ultimate Guide to
Sublimation Crafting eBook

In this detailed ebook, I'll walk you through...

  • Choosing a sublimation printer, plus steps to convert an Epson EcoTank inkjet printer.
  • Demystifying color management so your prints are true to color.
  • Testing sublimation paper brands so you can figure out what works best in your printer.
  • Choosing a sublimation heat press that will meet your individual space and budget needs.
  • Understanding sublimation image types, along with where to find sublimation files for your projects.
  • Picking a sublimation software plus tips for starting out with graphic design.
  • Using templates, as well as modifying existing sublimation designs.
  • Understanding the specific nuances of sublimating popular substrates and blanks.
  • Sublimating in a convection oven using shrink wrap.
  • Sublimating on glitter HTV for dark or non-poly fabrics.
  • Troubleshooting sublimation printing issues.
  • Plus you'll get an extensive glossary of sublimation terms and a resource guide for purchasing sublimation files, blanks, tools, supplies, and more!
Sublimation Book Cover

You'll also get these bonuses!



These five sublimation cheat sheets give you a quick and easy way to know the time, temperature, and pressure settings for popular sublimation blanks—plus they have tips and tricks for getting your sublimation transfer right the first time.

Stacked Sublimation Cheat Sheets



You'll also get a dozen commercial-use sublimation files that you can use to practice! You can use these sublimation files for both your personal crafting, as well as to make products to sell, like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more.

Graphic of 12 sublimation designs



Want to turn your sublimation hobby into a little side hustle or a full-blown job? In this guide, you'll learn about licensing, tips for cutting costs, how to add value to your products, where to sell your sublimation items, and more!

How to Make Money with Sublimation Crafting

Let's Start Sublimation Crafting Together!

Hey hey, I'm Cori George!

I'm the creative mind behind the website and digital shop Hey, Let's Make Stuff! I love inspiring more than seven million crafters a year to make their lives more fun with sublimation tutorials, Cricut and Glowforge crafts, SVG and sublimation downloads, fun printables, and simple DIY projects. 

My goal is to help you become a more confident sublimation crafter, regardless of your skill level!

Cori at Desk

What Makes The Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle Different?

Sublimation Book Cover


No technical jargon or confusing tutorials for you to sort through. The content is written using terms anyone can understand!

Single Book Page


This bundle content is designed to be easy to read. Highlight, take notes in the margins—make these your own!

eBook Stacked Pages


While there are full-color images, we've taken care to not include a ton of color-heavy pages that are costly to print.

100% Original Content


There isn't any other resource like it geared specifically to crafters. The bundle is filled with original content, projects, and photos!

Afraid of starting a new craft...only to fail?
I've been there, friend!

Starting a new craft can be intimidating!

To be honest, I never planned to start sublimation crafting. I thought it was just one of those crafts that would be expensive to get into and then after a few craft fails, I'd give up and the printer would start collecting dust in the corner.

Then a friend sent me a few sublimation prints to try with my Cricut Mug Press. And...they turned out AWESOME. I was hooked.

My own sublimation crafting journey hasn't been without its frustrations, though. I had a lot to learn. I made a ton of mistakes but also gained so much knowledge in the process. My hope is you can can now learn from my mistakes and have a much easier time getting started with sublimation!

By the end of this book, you'll go from overwhelmed to confident, whether you haven't even purchased a printer or you want to take your current sublimation projects to the next level!

Interior Page Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

What IS sublimation crafting?

If you're totally unfamiliar with sublimation crafting, let me explain it in simplest terms. You print a design using sublimation ink on a special paper, and then use high heat (generally a heat press, to transfer the design permanently onto your substrate. Unlike iron-on vinyl, the ink is infused into the substrate, instead of sitting on top of it.

What can I make with sublimation?

Sublimation crafts include t-shirts and other apparel, baby items, mugs, tumblers, tote bags, artwork, pet gifts, can koozies, hats, phone cases, laptop sleeves, keychains, coasters, and so (so so so) much more! The book includes dozens of substrate ideas for your crafting.

What if I'm a total sublimation printing newbie?

No problem! We're all new at one time or another! This bundle covers everything you need to get started or continue your sublimation printing hobby. You'll gain the confidence to try new projects, materials, and techniques—and maybe even turn your hobby into a business!

What if I already have a sublimation printer?

In the ebook, I share how to convert a regular Epson EcoTank printer to a sublimation printer. If you already have a sublimation-specific printer already (like a Sawgrass printer), just skip that chapter—almost everything else in the book will apply to your sublimation printer!

Is The Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle a physical book?

The Ultimate Guide to Sublimation Crafting, How to Make Money Sublimation Crafting, and the cheat sheets are all digital PDFs, and the sublimation files are high-resolution PNGs. You will not be shipped a physical copy.

Can I print the ebooks and cheat sheets?

Yes! You can print them at home or at your local office supply store for your own personal use.

Will The Ultimate Sublimation Crafting Bundle be updated?

Yes! We may update the content periodically. If we do, we will deliver you a FREE updated version via email.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. If you are having an issue, however, please reach out to and we'll help you out!

So...what are you waiting for?

Everything included in the bundle
Price: $25