Are you ready to conquer your Cricut & Silhouette cut file clutter?

With Cut File Clean Up, you'll have a system in place so you can spend more time crafting! I'll teach you my proven system for organizing all of your crafting files.

Cut File Clean Up Included Products



Are your Cricut or Silhouette cut files a
hot mess on your hard drive?

  • You download cut files only to lose them in the abyss of your downloads folder.
  • You’ve double-downloaded files because you didn’t know you already had the file.
  • If you do find a cut file on your computer, you never know who designed it.
  • Which files have personal or commercial license? Who knows! Not you!
  • Getting organized is overwhelming and you don't know where to start.

What if there was a way to organize your cut files so that you could easily find them...AND know who designed them...AND what type of license you had?

That’s why I created Cut File Clean Up!

  • The Cut File Clean Up system ends the frustration of organizing your cut files so that you can find what you need and get to the best part of crafting—actually making your project!
  • You’ll learn the best method for naming and filing all of your Cricut or Silhouette cut files so you can find exactly what you just seconds!
  • And with my filing system Magic File, you'll get hundreds of pre-built folders for organizing every cut file under the sun, quickly and easy.
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In Cut File Clean Up, I'll personally walk you through...

  • Learning the difference between local and cloud storage and choose the one that’s right for you
  • Decluttering your files before organizing them—no need to organize files you'll never use!
  • Unzipping your files properly
  • Renaming your files so they are easily searchable
  • Creating a system for knowing where files came from and what type of license they include
  • Using my pre-built Magic File folders to organize your files by theme
  • Learning the best ways to search and view your files once they’re organized
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Let's Get Organized Together!

Hey hey, I'm Cori George!

I'm the creative mind behind the website and cut file shop Hey, Let's Make Stuff. I love inspiring more than seven million crafters a year to make their lives more fun with Cricut and Glowforge crafts, SVG downloads, and simple DIY tutorials. 

I’m also mildly (okay TOTALLY) obsessed with decluttering and organization! I’ve been using my cut file organization method for years and it’s been a game changer.

So after hearing so many of my readers grumble about how hard it is to stay organized (you're not wrong, my friend!), I decided to create Cut File Clean Up!

My goal is to help you get digitally organized so crafting with your cutting machine is even more fun!

What's in the Cut File Clean Up System?


I personally walk you through my method to take your files from hot mess to totally organized!


Magic File is my organization file system—just drag and drop and start organizing in pre-made themed folders!

Resource Key


Keep track of the cut file designers and marketplaces you've used using this handy printable Resource
Key PDF.

Quick Reference Guide


Once you learn the Cut File Clean Up method, this quick reference guide is a handy printable reference of the steps in the system.



You'll also get a dozen commercial-use cut files that you can use to practice naming and filing using Magic File. You can also use these cut files for both your personal crafting, as well as to make products to sell, like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more.

Image of 12 cut files included in this little bundle.



Want even more cut files for your crafting? This three-page Cut File Resource Guide has A TON of links to high-quality free and paid designers and marketplaces!

Mockup of Cut File Resource Guide

Who is Cut File Clean Up For?

Cut File Clean Up is for ANYONE who wants to get control over
the digital organization of their cut files.

Cutting Machine Crafters of All Levels: If you have a Cricut, Silhouette, Glowforge, or other electronic cutting machine, organizing your cut files is a must! Spend less time searching for your files and more time crafting and creating with Cut File Clean Up.

SVG Designers & Shop Owners: If you've ever struggled to keep your files organized for your Etsy or other digital shop, Cut File Clean Up and Magic File will make organizing your files effortless so you can spend more time designing and making money!

File Hoarders: Okay, I know you're out there! I also love collecting cut files for my crafting—both downloading every free file I can get my hands on, as well as buying from my favorite shops. If this is you—Cut File Clean Up will help you declutter and restore order to your computer!

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FAQs about Cut File Clean Up

What if I'm not tech savvy?

No problem! I walk you through all of the tech surrounding how to name and organize your cut files, plus give you Magic File, which creates all of your file folders automatically!

When does this start?

You'll get instant access to Cut File Clean Up, delivered right to your inbox! You can dive in right away or save it until you have some spare time. Though I am 100% in favor of getting organized sooner rather than later!

How long does it take to work through?

The video walkthrough and resource guides take about 30 minutes to complete (perfect if you're short on time!!). Organizing your own files, however, will vary based on the number of files you have and how quickly you work.

How do I install the Magic File?

The Magic File is delivered in a zip. You'll unzip the file and drag and drop the folders and subfolders wherever you'd like to keep your cut files on your computer.

Can I use the Magic File with cloud storage?

Yes, with the caveat that you will need to access these cloud storage options through the file sync feature in your file browser (ex: Dropbox SmartSync, Box Sync, Microsoft One Drive, etc.) and not the web browser. Magic File will not upload properly to your cloud storage software via a web browser.

Can I add or delete files in the Magic File?

Yes! The Magic File is fully customizable. Delete folders you don't need and add any that you'd like. It's designed to be modified for your unique collection of cut files.

Does this work for other file types?

While the course is specifically for SVG and other cut files for Cricut, Silhouette, and other cutting machines, it absolutely works for anything you want to file by theme, including printables, clip art, mock ups, stock photos, and more!

Is this a physical product?

This a digital-only product that you can access anywhere! You will not be shipped a physical book or other product. This course is delivered through Teachable.

Can I use the cut files to make projects to sell?

Totally! You can make up to 500 physical projects total using the files included in this package.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. If you are having an issue, however, please reach out to and we'll help you out!

Don't wait for your files to fall even farther into the Downloads Folder abyss! Grab Cut File Clean Up today!

Cut File Clean Up Included Products

One more time, here's what you'll get:

  • Video Tutorial walking you through the Cut File Clean Up System - $37
  • Magic File folder system of more than 500 categories and themes - $47
  • Quick Reference Guide to keep you on track while you organize - $10
  • Resource Key so you always know where a cut file came from - $10
  • BONUS: Cut File Resource Guide for finding even more amazing cut files - $15
  • BONUS: 12 Commercial Use Cut Files you can use to practice - $40

JUST $44!