Stop pulling your hair out and start creating confidently with your Cricut!

With Cricut Basics, you'll learn important foundational techniques for using your Cricut so you can start making amazing things!

All Five Cricut Basic Book Covers

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Are you FRUSTRATED with your Cricut?

  • You bought a Cricut and now it's just sitting in the box because you're too afraid to open it.
  • You struggle with basic projects and feel like you're never going to learn.
  • You try to follow tutorials but then realize they don't work with your specific Cricut machine.
  • You are tired of watching endless YouTube videos that just waste your time.
  • Learning your Cricut is paralyzing and you don't know where to start.

What if there was a way to learn how to use your Cricut without all of the overwhelm of videos, online tutorials, Facebook groups, and more?

That’s why you need Cricut Basics!

  • My Cricut Basics digital books end the frustration of learning how to use your Cricut.
  • Each book is written for your specific machine, meaning you don't need to sort through a bunch of content that doesn't apply to you.
  • Because of the simplicity of these books, you're not paying for a bunch of extras you don't need!
  • This is the easiest way to learn how to use your Cricut. Access the digital book as a PDF, or print on your home printer or office supply store. I've designed it specifically to use less ink to make printing easier and less expensive.
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In Cricut Basics, I'll walk you through...

  • Getting your Cricut out of the box, set up, and connected to your device.
  • Choosing the right mat for your project, as well as caring for your mats.
  • Learning the different blades and tips that are compatible with your particular machine.
  • Working with Cricut pens, including tips for writing fonts.
  • Using basic Cricut tools to make your crafting easier.
  • Getting familiar with the most popular Cricut materials for your specific machine, including how to use them.
  • Learning Cricut Design Space's most helpful features so you can start creating confidently.
  • Making your first project!
All five Cricut Basics book covers

Let's Learn Your Cricut Together!

Hey hey, I'm Cori George!

I'm the creative mind behind the website and SVG shop Hey, Let's Make Stuff. I love inspiring more than seven million crafters a year to make their lives more fun with Cricut crafts, SVG downloads, and simple DIY tutorials. 

You may have seen my Cricut tutorials on the Cricut Inspiration blog, for the craft retailer JOANN, and for digital companies like and I have also had the privilege of teaching at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon in Salt Lake City.

My goal is to help you become a more confident crafter so you can truly LOVE your Cricut!

What Makes Cricut Basics Different?

All five Cricut Basics book covers


Learn what your Cricut can do—and only what your Cricut can do! No sorting through tutorials that don't apply to your Cricut machine.

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This book is written in a simple 14pt font, making it easy to read. Highlight, take notes in the margins—make this book your own!

Cricut Basics Interior


While there are full-color images, I have taken care to not include a ton of unnecessary color-heavy pages that are costly to print.

Cricut Maker Basics


Many Cricut books on Amazon are full of stolen content. Cricut Basics is 100% original content and photographs!

I get it. Learning your Cricut is hard!

Messed up Cricut project

It can be so overwhelming to start using your Cricut.

When I got my first Cricut machine in 2014, I completely ruined my projects. There were no tutorials or instructions back then, and I had to figure everything out on my own. I made a ton of mistakes but also learned so much in the process.

Fast forward seven years and now I want to save you those headaches!

Cricut Basics takes away the frustration of crafting with your Cricut and gives you step-by-step techniques for using your specific machine!

I'll show you everything from getting your machine out of the box and set up to doing your very first Cricut project. You'll learn all of the foundational techniques you need to use your machine—all without a bunch of confusing jargon or unfamiliar terms.

By the end of this book, you'll go from confused to confident, whether you just got your first Cricut or you've had one for a while and it's just collecting dust!

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Cricut Basics: FAQs

What if I'm a total Cricut newbie?

This book is for you! I've written it with the beginner in mind, taking special care to explain unfamiliar terms and processes clearly. You will not be overwhelmed by advanced concepts in these books—but by the end, you'll be more confident to try new projects, tools, materials, and techniques!

Is Cricut Basics a physical book?

This a digital PDF book that you can access anywhere! You will not be shipped a physical book.

How will my PDF be delivered and how quickly?

Right after purchase, you'll receive a download link so you can open it right up and get learning! Have an issue with the download? Contact us at!

Can I print Cricut Basics?

Yes! You can print Cricut Basics at home or at your local office supply store for your own personal use.

Is this for PC/Mac? Desktop? Mobile app?

All of the above! I've included Cricut Design Space screenshots from desktop AND mobile. No matter what device you're using, you'll be able to easily find what you're looking for.

Where do I select my machine when purchasing?

When you click the Buy Cricut Basics Now button, the checkout page has a dropdown—choose your machine there!

Will Cricut Basics be updated?

Yes! We update Cricut Basics every spring and deliver you a FREE updated PDF via email. We may send additional updates if Cricut makes other significant changes or additions between our yearly updates.

Which Explore machines does Cricut Explore Basics cover?

Cricut Explore Basics covers the original Explore, Cricut Explore One, Cricut Explore Air, and Cricut Explore Air 2.

What happens if I buy the wrong book?

No problem! Email us at and we'll get you the correct book.

Is there a book for the older Cricut machines?

I've never owned a Cricut Expression, Gypsy, or other older Cricut machine, so unfortunately I'm not qualified to teach you about those machines.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this book, there are no refunds. If you are having an issue, however, please reach out to and we'll help you out!

Are you ready to end your Cricut confusion? Grab Cricut Basics for your specific machine today!

All Five Cricut Basic Book Covers

Regular Price $19!