Ready to create a unique, high-value brand that your perfect customers can't resist?

In Crafting Your Signature Style, you'll develop a cohesive look and feel for your visual branding so your people will find you, follow you, and want to buy from you!

Total Value: $164!


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Crafting Your Signature Style is for you if...

  • You spend countless hours making products, taking photos, or creating graphics, only to feel like nothing looks good!
  • Your creative business seems to get lost in the shuffle of all the other small businesses out there.
  • You're spending too much money on supplies, photo props, and equipment to try to promote your business.
  • You feel like you're running on all cylinders, but can't seem to gain any traction with potential customers and followers.

Trust me, I've been there.

But what if I told you there's a way to set yourself apart from other creative small businesses by creating your own signature style? You'll have more time for creativity and money-making!

In Crafting Your Signature Style,
I'll walk you through...

  • Why having a signature style is so important in our highly visual world.
  • The difference between traditional branding and a signature style.
  • How you can unlock creativity once you establish your own style, filled with your personality.
  • The ten Signature Style elements and how to make them uniquely your own.
  • How to use props and lighting to get consistent photos every time!
  • How to incorporate video into your business while maintaining your style.
  • And finally, how to pull it all together into a style that is COMPLETELY YOU!
Mockup of Signature Style Course and Worksheets
Two images - a mismatched group of images and a fully curated group of images.

"Okay, but why do I NEED a signature style?"

  • Have you ever run across an Instagram photo and knew who it belonged to before actually seeing their name?
  • Maybe you did an Etsy search and clicked on a photo because you instantly believed the product was high quality and exactly what you were looking for.
  • Or perhaps you were strolling through a craft fair and had to stop at a booth because everything was so beautifully coordinated and displayed.

All of these businesses have exceptional visual branding!

Imagine if you could create a beautiful brand for your own business, even if you're short on time or have no photography or graphic design skills!

If so, then Crafting Your Signature Style is for you!

  • This eCourse simplifies the branding process so you can spend more time on your business—which means more money in your pocket!
  • You’ll learn about the ten signature style elements in a cohesive visual brand and how to use them to create your own unique branding style.
  • With added bonuses the Color and Font Inspiration Guides and Canva Brand Board Template, you'll have access to everything you need at your fingertips!

Total Value: $164!


Your Exclusive Price: $25!

WHO is Crafting Your Signature Style For?

Crafting Your Signature Style is for ANYONE with a creative brand with a visual presence, whether online or in person.

Handmade and crafty businesses: You have a shop where you make stuff! Whether it's trendy resin earrings, classic home decor signs, cute tumblers, or gorgeous ceramics, your business is all about what you make!

You need to show off your products without getting lost in the crowd—both in online shops or at craft fairs and boutiques!

Online influencers: You have a social media *presence* (or you're trying to build one!) and you want to work with amazing brands!

You need to build your integrity and loyalty with your audience so that you can guide their buying decisions! When your followers know what to expect, they will trust you when it comes to spending their hard-earned money. 

Creative product sellers:

You sell things to other makers, like adorable packaging supplies to handmade sellers, stickers to digital planner users, or awesome sublimation blanks to crafty folks.

No matter what you sell, you need to connect with potential customers in a way that sets you apart from the competition and turns one-time customers into raving fans.

I've had a hard time with my brand. I know what colors I like but it’s been a little challenging bringing it together so everything is cohesive. I LOVED the way Cori broke down all the components of a signature style. I’m going take her tips and work on it. I hope that people start to recognize my brand!

- Courtney B.

Well no wonder I am having a tough time getting customers! My products, style, colors, and photography are all over the place. This Signature Style course is so helpful to create a cohesive brand. I just finished the class and I'm already brainstorming ideas for my own signature style!

- Alana B.

Cori is the best at explaining things clearly! I loved how she used so many examples of different styles throughout the course, so I could more easily see what I love and what I don't. The bonuses were great too—the word inspiration guide in particular really helped me.

- Jamela P.

WHAT is included in Crafting Your Signature Style?

Signature Style on computer

$99 Value

I personally walk you through 15 lessons on why visual branding is important, as well as the 10 elements that you need to craft your own unique signature style. You'll also get a printable presentation for taking notes.

$10 Value

Take what you've learned in the course and start to make it your own! Get more than 200 words to describe your creative business, and then I'll show you how to brainstorm ideas for crafting a style all your own.

$5 Value

Everything I talk about within the course is in this handy resource guide, complete with links.

Props and Styling Inspiration

$5 Value

I include my go-to props for every type of business, so you can create cohesive brand photos and graphics each and every time.

Check out these exclusive BONUS Items!

(valued at more than $45)


$25 Value

You'll also get a blank branding board template. Once you determine your signature style, you can keep track of it all using this easy template! This is a Canva template and can be used with both free and Pro Canva accounts.


$20 Value

Need brand color palette ideas? Wondering how to pair fonts for maximum readability and impact? Check out these inspiration guides to get you on the right track to creating a beautiful signature style.

Let's Craft Your Signature Style Together

Hey hey, I'm Cori George!

I'm the creative mind behind the website and cut file shop Hey, Let's Make Stuff. I love inspiring more than seven million crafters a year to make their lives more fun with Cricut, sublimation, and laser crafts, SVG downloads, and simple DIY tutorials. 

I have a background in marketing and branding! I may be mildly (okay TOTALLY) obsessed with my own blog's style. I’ve been using my signature style method for years and it’s been a game changer.

So after hearing so many of my readers struggle with finding a cohesive look and feel to their brand that works for them, I created Crafting Your Signature Style!

My goal is to help you create a visual brand that you can easily create, maintain, and most of all—love!

Ready to create a recognizable brand, strengthen customer relations, and bring in more sales and opportunities? Enroll in Crafting Your Signature Style today!

Signature Style: Mockups of Everything Included

One more time, here's what you'll get:

  • 15 Video Lessons + Printable Presentation walking you through how to craft your signature brand style - $99 Value
  • Brainstorming Worksheets to follow along and decide what works best for your business - $10 Value
  • Resource Guide to get reputable products, classes, apps, and software - $5 Value
  • Props & Styling Inspiration Guide so you can take better photos - $5 Value
  • BONUS: Canva Brand Board Template to create a visual representation of your signature style, making it easier to stick to - $25 Value
  • BONUS: Color Palette and Font Pairings Inspiration will get your creativity flowing as you create your signature style - $20 Value

Total Value: $164!


Your Exclusive Price: $25!

FAQs about Crafting Your Signature Style

When does this start?

You'll get instant access to Crafting Your Signature Style, delivered right to your inbox! You can dive in right away or save it until you have some dedicated time to work on it.

How long does it take to work through?

The video walkthrough and resource guides take about 75 minutes to complete. Creating your own signature style, however, will depend on how inspired you feel, how quickly you work, etc.

Is this a physical product?

This a digital-only product that you can access anywhere! You will not be shipped a physical book or other product. This course is delivered through Teachable.

How long will I have access?

Guaranteed access for 3 years from date of purchase, but the course will remain active as long as Hey Let's Make Stuff in still business.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. If you are having an issue, however, please reach out to and we'll help you out!